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Alliance Human Services, Inc. has been a licensed treatment foster care program in Virginia since 2003. We also provide Medicaid Treatment Foster Care including Targeted Case Management. While we serve children of all ages, we have developed particular expertise in serving teenagers. We provide services in the Central and Southwest Virginia localities, including:

• City of Danville
• Pittsylvania County
• Halifax County
• City of Martinsville
• Bedford County

• Henry County
• Campbell County
• City of Lynchburg
• Franklin County
• Lee County

• Roanoke County
• City of Roanoke
• Washington County
• City of Bristol
• Tazewell County

We work closely with Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT) in central and southwest Virginia. Our goal is to provide excellent care for children, youth and families in need in partnership with governmental agencies.

We are members of the Virginia Coalition of Private Providers, Virginia Licensed Child Placement Agencies and the Foster Family Treatment Association.

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Becoming a Certified Foster Parent:

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a child?

Alliance Human Services is looking for caring individuals who are willing to open their hearts and homes to children and youth with emotional, behavioral and physical challenges and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Foster parents are team players, committed to making a difference by creating a safe and nurturing environment for children with special needs.

Foster parents are men and women, 21 years of age or older, who provide individualized supports and services in their own homes and communities. Foster parents become trusted guides, tutors, and advocates for the children and youth with whom they live. They are offered opportunities for skill development specific to the needs of the individuals with whom they will be working.

Foster parents are at the heart of the child's team ensuring that the child's needs are being addressed. Each foster parent has a Clinical Coordinator assigned to assist in coordinating services for the child. Foster parent responsibilities include but are not limited to providing basic home care, nutritional meals, transportation to appointments and recreational activities, and providing access to religious services if needed.

Foster parents must meet requirements established by state and local funding sources. These include an extensive home study, with fire safety and health inspections of the home. In addition, FBI fingerprint and Child Protective Services background checks are conducted on every family member 18 years of age or older living in the home. All households must submit a current medical report documenting that they are fit to provide services to the child.

Alliance Human Services provides initial Pre-Services Orientation and, after approval, on-going training and support. Alliance offers the foster parent respite as needed. In addition, Alliance provides 24 hour emergency on-call services.

Foster parents are self-employed individuals who contract with Alliance and are paid on a per diem basis. Rates are established prior to each placement.

Alliance offers:
  • A competitive stipend.

  • FREE training and skill development.

  • Access to 24-hr professional support.

  • Support groups for parents.

  • The chance to be a part of a team helping to make a positive impact on the future of a child.
For further information about becoming a foster care parent call (434) 836-3550.

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Foster Care FAQ:

What is Alliance Human Services?
Alliance Human Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides treatment foster care services to children and at-risk youth who have emotional or behavioral disorders, developmental disabilities, are medically fragile, or are in the juvenile justice system. Most often the children we serve have been served unsuccessfully in homes by other agencies, or come from more restrictive settings such as detention centers or residential facilities.

The most important aspect of Alliance host-home program is the matching and placing of an individual in the home of a trained foster parent. Here, under the specialized care of a multi-disciplinary team and the close support and supervision of a foster parent, the individual receives active support services to live a full and healthy life.

Who are foster parents?
Foster parents are men and women, 21 years of age or older, who provide individualized supports and services in their own home and community. Foster parents become trusted guides, tutors, and advocates for the individuals with whom they live. They are offered opportunities for skill development specific to the needs of the individuals with whom they will be working.

Who is the Clinical Coordinator?
A Clinical Coordinator is a professional, such as a licensed social worker, who, in combination with a foster parent, forms the core of Alliance. The Clinical Coordinator provides oversight and guidance to the team and works with the other key people involved with the individual’s program.

Who is part of the Individual Service Planning Team?
The multi-disciplinary team supporting the child includes the foster parent, the Clinical Coordinator, referring agency social worker, other community professionals as well as the biological family, when appropriate. All services to be provided by the foster parent are clearly specified in the Individual Service Plan developed by this team. The foster parent is an active member of the team and is a primary service provider, working with the support of the professional staff.

Who are the individuals to whom Alliance provides services?
Alliance serves a wide range of children in need of residential services. Currently, Alliance serves children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges, children and youth with complex medical needs, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and individuals in the juvenile justice system.

Where do the people Alliance serves come from?

Individuals are referred to Alliance from state and county agencies. Individuals may have previously lived in state institutions, large group homes, hospitals, their own homes or other foster homes, and long-term care facilities.

What are the standards on which I am judged to be qualified?
Persons interested in becoming a foster parent are required to meet Alliance’s prerequisites for service, as well as any licensing and certification requirements of the state and/or funding source. The Recruiter conducts an extensive home study with fire safety and health inspections to ensure that the home meets all of Alliance’s standards and all state and local licensing requirements. Additionally, Alliance conducts an FBI fingerprint background check and a Child Protective Services background check of every adult member (18 years of age or older) in the candidate’s household. Employment references as well as personal references are also reviewed. All household members must submit a current medical report.

What type of emergency procedures or backup do I have in case of a crisis?
Every program in Alliance has specified procedures regarding emergency situations. A 24-hour on-call system is operational in all programs. Alliance will provide guidance on the use of these procedures.

What is my liability in caring for an individual?
Alliance carries professional liability insurance to cover itself against claims arising from incidents that occur while an individual is receiving our services. Subject to the exclusions and qualifications set forth in the policy, this coverage can be extended to staff, agents and contractors, (a foster parent is an independent contractor to the company), at the company's sole discretion. It is required that all foster parents carry their own property insurance with appropriate levels of coverage.

How am I paid and what is my tax liability?
Foster parents are independent contractors who are not employees of Alliance. Foster parents are self-employed individuals who contract with Alliance and are paid on a per-diem basis and have no payroll taxes deducted from their checks. Rates of reimbursement are established prior to each placement and are specified in the placement agreement. Foster parents are paid twice a month. As self-employed individuals, foster parents may be liable for their own federal and state income taxes. We recommend that foster parents consult with an accountant or attorney concerning any questions they may have regarding tax laws or their tax obligations.

Do I have any say in which individual will be living in my home?
The matching of an individual with a foster parent is an important process that involves the Program Manager, Coordinator, Recruiter and other program staff. The particular preferences and abilities of the foster parent are considered when making the match. Once a potential match is identified, the Coordinator or Recruiter presents the facts of the case to the foster parent. The foster parent has the right, at this point, to decline to work with a particular individual and to be considered for a later match.

What information is provided to me about the individual with whom I will be working?
Prior to placement, the Coordinator reviews the case record and pertinent information with the foster parent. As part of the individual planning team, the foster parent is provided with all available information necessary to formulate and implement an effective Individual Service Plan.

What are my daily responsibilities to the individual in my care?
The primary responsibility of a foster parent is to implement the Individual Service Plan for the person in his or her care. Since the individual is living in the foster parent’s home, the foster parent is responsible to provide basic home care and related responsibilities. Such responsibilities include providing nutritional meals, providing transportation to appointments and recreational activities, and providing access to religious services if necessary.

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Virginia Danville
341 Main Street
Suite 301, Danville, VA 24541
Location Map
Telephone: 434-836-3550
Toll free: 855-227-8216
Fax: 434-836-8777

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Referring a Child:


• Specialized in placing difficult teenagers
• Short-term/respite placements
• Emergency placements
• Accept Medicaid for case management
• Transportation to all appointments
• Bi-weekly face-to-face meetings with child
• Treatment and service planning
• Referral for evaluations/services
• Education/school liaison
• Monthly reports to referring agency
• Assistance with visitation
• On-call service to foster parents
• Monthly in-service training for foster parents
• Quarterly assessment of foster homes
• Quality assurance/Outcome data

For further information or to make a referral, contact:

(434) 836-3550, AFTER HOURS (434) 548-9393

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Contact Us:

If you are interested in becoming a foster care parent or would like to refer a child to our services, please contact:

341 Main Street
Suite 301, Danville, VA 24541

Telephone: 434-836-3550
Tollfree: 855-227-8216
Fax: 434-836-8777

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